Here We Are At Cross Corner

Thanks for heading out to see us! Cross Corner is the brand new venue for you to mix fitness and fun. We’re breaking the taboo between enjoying a great night out with the motivation of staying fit with a regular workout.

Of course, drinking a pint or a glass of wine on a treadmill isn’t the sort of thing we recommend, nor is a mixed grill on a cross trainer, but what we have come up with, is a gym and bar under one roof.

We’re ideally situated on your way home, ready to let you work up a sweat before enjoying a glass or two with friends before heading home. What’s more we’re open late at the weekends too (later in the bar than in the gym you’ll be pleased to know), so we really can be your new one stop shop for fitness, fun and socialising!

The End Of The Fitness DVD?

The End Of The Fitness DVD?

After many years of use, we’re finally moving away from our vast collection of fitness DVDs. The fitness classes will soon be moving to streamed classes in the gym that we trialled with all of our members remotely over the last couple of years while we had to remain closed.

The last couple of years have given us an opportunity to drag ourselves into the present and embrace what technology offers, and it’s made us realise that we’re way behind the times.

As a result, we’ve got a ton of old DVDs and CDs to get rid of, and we’d like to offer members a chance to buy them first, with all proceeds going to charity.

In general, the DVDs are recorded fitness classes, with some by famous names. We expect these to go quickly, so if you’re interested, don’t leave it too long!

The CDs are mainly house music, as you’d imagine we have used a lot of music over the years for fitness classes, but that will also now be moving to streaming services as it’s just simpler and cheaper to keep up with and is covered under our licence to use in the gym and bar areas.

As the money raised will be going to local charities, we’re not going to strictly allocate prices to each title, but please give what you can, knowing it’s all going to a good cause.

If there is anything left when people stop flooding us with generous donations, we’ll make sure that the remaining CDs and DVDs are recycled wherever possible if we can’t even give them away!

We’ve also had a useful tip off from regular gym user Wayne that we can use some internet services to buy them too, but we want to give everyone who has supported us over the years first refusal. That’s for the tip off Wayne – we’ll look into that once everyone has had fair chance to grab what they want to buy!

Salad Spinners For Great Lettuce And Bean Salads

Salad Spinners For Great Lettuce And Bean Salads

We’ve just brought some new OXO salad spinners into the kitchen to get even better choices on the menu. These affordable salad spinners are brilliant for fast results – just wash the salad and serve.

Here’s a great choice from our new menu that you can prepare at home if you get yourself an OXO salad spinner! All you need to know is below…

Green Avocado Salad For Summer

What makes avocado a wonderful green salad addition?

Cooking avocado seems to be outlandish considering the wide array of nutrients present in its pristine and uncooked state. That is why, an avocado salad reminds one of a refreshing splash during summer. It is an invigorating treat that breaks the monotony of a hot summer day. It can easily blend with the other ingredients as it absorbs and complements other flavours being bland and buttery in taste and texture.

The best addition yet to infuse flavours to the sugarless, unsalted taste of the avocado are the herbs with all their unique gustatory dimensions, examples are cilantro, garlic, basil, dill, oregano, etc. A little spice will not hurt especially for chilli lovers. Some other fresh additions to make the avocado salad more summery and crisp would be tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, and other mixed salad greens. A trace of some sweetness like honey that is so natural is like pumping up the flavours of the avocado salad. Sweetness as well as texture may be infused with the addition of vibrant fruit wedges such as grapefruit, grapes apples, oranges, pomelo or whatever is available.

Perk up the flavour with some protein source from the sea- shrimps or prawns, crab meat, scallops, mussels, flaky fish; poultry-chicken, turkey; meat -pork, beef, veal; processed meats-sausages, bacon, hams. Enhance the taste more and render more character by throwing in some extras like, olives, anchovies or capers.

Unify the diversified ingredients so that harmony is created and tasted. Let the salad dressing bind the diverse ingredients to foster harmony and balance that can be judged only by a knowing taste bud. Simple salad dressings that will be healthy must be used like olive oil or definitely cheaper and even healthier, the avocado oil mixed with balsamic vinegar or lemon extract.

An avocado salad is just non specific having no mandatory ingredients that sometimes make it complicated. In the end, just remember to throw in whatever is available; just infuse balance, add in the freshness of avocado, and you will surely get something summery with fresh avocado salad.

Why We Encourage Customers To Exercise At Home Too

Unlike many gyms, we encourage our visitors not to come in every day. That is often something that comes as a surprise, but quite simply, we know that having a bar nearby can act as too much of a temptation to continue with some old habits that should really be broken. Regular drinking or eating out is rarely a good thing – it’s something that should be done in moderation.

That’s why we give guidance and our recommendations on home gym equipment like the JTX Strider X7 cross trainer that many of our customers could benefit from at home – and it costs less than most people pay for an annual gym membership. Read more about why we recommend investing in your health at home here.

Of course, we still want people to come and see us regularly, just probably a little less than daily. That also means we’re likely to see a thinner, trimmer visitor next time too!