Why We Encourage Customers To Exercise At Home Too

Unlike many gyms, we encourage our visitors not to come in every day. That is often something that comes as a surprise, but quite simply, we know that having a bar nearby can act as too much of a temptation to continue with some old habits that should really be broken. Regular drinking or eating out is rarely a good thing – it’s something that should be done in moderation.

That’s why we give guidance and our recommendations on home gym equipment like the JTX Strider X7 cross trainer that many of our customers could benefit from at home – and it costs less than most people pay for an annual gym membership. Read more about why we recommend investing in your health at home here.

Of course, we still want people to come and see us regularly, just probably a little less than daily. That also means we’re likely to see a thinner, trimmer visitor next time too!